“I know how to do anything - I'm a Mom.” - Roseanne Barr
One of the things I think most mother's can agree on is that finding the time to exercise is almost as exhausting as the exercise itself.

While I was training, my average run day was so stressful for me. The only way to get in a run was to do it in the evenings after my husband got home, or hit the treadmill at 5 am before he left. Being a mom is a full-time job,* add in a 30 to 40 mile training week and you've got yourself two jobs.

Generally, I found that running in the evenings fit into my schedule the best. Of course, that meant forfeiting dining with my family - which was not always a bad thing! I spent all day playing with the kids, cleaning, playing, driving from play date to grocery store, and cleaning some more. Oh and add in diaper changes, fighting with my oldest about anything and everything and then having dinner on the table so that when my husband walked through the door I could give him a quick peck on the cheek, give him the run-down on the days activities (he's in time-out, she's fussy and GOOD LUCK WITH THEM!) and run out the door.

Exhausted yet? I am!

Mothering is my number one priority. I take care of them in every capacity to make sure that my runs are that much easier. I can't leave the house knowing my son is upset, or that my daughter has her head stuck between the stair rails. I have to make sure everything at home is calm (as much as I can) so that I can fully focus on ME while I'm out there sweating and unwinding. However, mothering is EXHAUSTING. Most days it takes all I have to get myself out the door in the evenings. As much as my brain needs the escape my body is saying "Go directly to bed. Do not pass go. Do not fold another load of laundry. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT make me run tonight!"

Getting myself out the door is as much of a chore as it is to bathe a kid who hates water. I know it has to be done but I dread it. Having this boot on has been absolutely horrible for me. I miss running in every capacity but with summer in full force I am also *slightly* thankful. Yes, you read that correctly, I am thankful for a broken foot. Summer adds a new level of insanity to my already hectic life. We go to the pool, extra play dates, museum tours, vacations, cook-outs, so on and so forth. I still have the cleaning and the cooking and the playing to do as well. Mix that all in with heat and humidity and it's all I can do to stay awake past 7 pm most nights!

I can't wait to get back out there and run, especially to start training again. I miss my regimen and scheduled time for myself. For now, I am just enjoying being a mother. I love dedicating all of my time to the kids and making memories with them. My kids exhaust me, but they are the ones who give me fuel to run. After all, most days they are the ones who chase me out the door and help me accomplish my goals. OK, I may be running out the door away from them but that's besides the point.

*This is where I bow down to the working mother. I have more respect for you ladies than you will ever know. I know my job is exhausting, but I can't fathom working outside of the home, inside of the home and adding running into my schedule. You are all my heroes, truly.
Run Hard,
Run Strong,
Run for You,

I know that you are hating the boot but you're right. You are getting to spend a lot more time being Mommy. And just think, when the boot comes off, you will have so much more motivation to run and you will feel 100 times less guilty about it :)


You manage to juggle everything amazingly well! I'm always happy to help out in any way possible. :-)


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