"The wind at your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends by your side." – Aaron Douglas Trimble
Chrissie, Me & Carrie - Super Bowl 5k
I still get giddy before a run. It doesn't even have to be a race, it can
just be a regular jog around the block by myself. Even when the alarm goes off
at 6 am and my head is telling me to hit snooze and sneak a few more minutes of
sleep, my heart starts to race with anticipation. Instantly, once I lace up my
running shoes, I feel energized and happy.  I just love running; I love the freedom, the unknown, the passion during and the euphoria after. 
What I especially love, and missed, is meeting up with friends to share in my
passion. Nothing makes a run more enjoyable than catching up with a friend and having her dish about everything in her life. It's always fun to get to dish
about what's going in my own world, too. Uninterrupted chatting, now that's
something to really be excited about!

My TNT Marathon ladies - Crystal & Mary
Last week, I met up with my friend, Carrie, to do a nice easy 2 mile run. I told her she could set the pace and we'd just chat and enjoy our free time. Since it was one of my first runs since being released from the doctor, I had a hard time getting out of my head. I kept thinking about my foot and how it was feeling. I was worrying about why I had a pain in my hip and if my knee was supposed to feel achy. I finally told myself to knock it off and just move my feet and chat. I enjoyed those 2 miles, though they felt way too short; I had so much more catching up I wanted to do!


Cristin & I at our first 5k together!
 I am so blessed that I have many close friends that also enjoy running. No
matter what the reason we are out there running, we are there for support. We
cheer for one another, we push one another, we laugh together and sometimes even  cry. Sometimes we spend miles without even talking, and that's OK, too. I am eternally grateful for the time and the miles I get to spend with my girls. Having an injury and taking time off was terrible, but now I realize just how important having that bonding time was for me, and my sanity. I have a happier heart, more patience and so much more energy than I did while I was unable to run.  
So a big thank you to my "sole" sisters, near and far. If it weren't 
for you ladies, I would be hitting that snooze button a lot more frequently in
the mornings!

Run Hard,
Run Strong,
Run for You,


I love running with you! You push me!! I did a 6am run today - reminded me of the old days - except I was outside and it was light out. Much better than at the Y on the treadmill.
Let's hit the trail again soon!


I'm social. I love running with friends. I love uninterrupted girl time. I love secrets shared on long early morning runs. I laughing and joking while the miles tick away. There is no great friend than a "sole" sister :).


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