"You must listen to your body. Run through annoyance but not through
pain." - George Sheehan

10. Finding the perfect non-chafing outfit

9. Feeling accomplished post-run

8. Mapping a new route and enjoying the exploration that comes with it

7. The sound of my Garmin ringing after each mile

6. Chatting with my friends and having many laughs

5. Hearing people say "You ran HOW MANY miles?" after a long Saturday run

4. Sweating

3.Guilt-free eating

2. Hills

Thankfully, as of today, I don't have to miss those things anymore! I have
officially been released to resume activity. If you know me, you know I am
elated with that news. I was tempted to run home from my appointment. It was  just a little over 30 miles, I feel like I could have done it. OK, maybe I'm
getting ahead of myself.
Now is the time when being patient and listening to my body is most
important. I have to gradually build back up the miles and not push myself too  hard. I have a really hard time doing both of those things, but I don't want to  re-injure myself. So for now, I'll be sticking to a walk/run schedule and  forcing myself to stay at a 10 minute per mile pace. In a couple of weeks I will  increase my miles and go from there; after all it's a 1/2 marathon that I'm  training for, not a sprint!
Run Hard,
Run Strong,
Run for You,



Happy you are back to running. Come run with me!!!


Chrissie, I'm still experiencing some pain so I'm taking it easy. I'll let you know though! I may try to get in a run on Friday morning if you're available. Depends on my foot. Glad to be back though!


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